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About Our School

Wynyard has a population of 4000 people and is situated in the rural North West Coast of Tasmania. Our school, Wynyard High School, the town’s only High School was opened in 1960. At its peak, 600 students were enrolled. The current population is static at 305 students grade 7 to 10. Our school draws from town and country areas, 180 students travel by bus each day. After year 10, students travel to Burnie to further their education and training. Our feeder primary schools are Table Cape Primary School and Boat Harbour Primary School. 

Our school motto “Together We Can”  is symbolic of the commitment we have to  working supportively with families and community agencies to foster improved learning outcomes for all students.  Our vision “engaging every student, every lesson, every day” underpins our daily work, whether it be tailoring curriculum offerings,  differentiating instruction, providing flexible learning opportunities for small groups or personalised programs  for individual students in need.  Inclusion of all is the forefront of everything we do.  We promote a friendly and open learning environment based on excellent relationships. Our curriculum and organisation model is evolving to reflect the changing needs of our students, the community, and importantly our knowledge of how people learn.


Our values

We affirm values built around mutual respect. These are displayed around the school as a set of expectations known as Dr BAT:

  • Do our best
  • Respect people and property
  • Be fair
  • Act responsibly an
  • Think and act safely


We develop a strong grade identity to support students moving through dependent to independent learning. Positive communication is important to us. We encourage our students to interact with and use technology to support learning. Inquiry based learning is a feature of grades 9 and 10.